Sunday, October 3, 2010

Irish Gypsy's Samhain Celebration

Welcome, Cherie De Sues!

Samhain, (pronounced "sow-when")—known to some as Halloween—is practiced by Neo-Pagans, Gypsies, Druids and Witches across the world. This is a time of the Witches New Year, the beginning of the Pagan calendar. In Gaelic, "sam" means summer and "fuin" means "end." Samhain represents "end of the warm season."
 Some will celebrate for three days; some just on October 31st when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest and speaking with the newly departed is easier. Witches, Gypsies and Pagans are the caretakers and chosen ones to bridge this grey area as the feminine Goddess fades and the God begins the masculine side of the year.

This is a time of harvest's end, when everything is dying back and your cupboards are full of canned and bottled foods. When the blood moon rises and falls to warn Pagans of the coming end of the wheel. Herbs will be hung from the rafters to dry then be stored for the spells and potions to come.

Decorate your altar three days before the Sabbat, with the symbols from the end of fall. Use nuts, berries, pumpkins, grave rubbings, ghosts, skeletons, dried leaves, acorns, wine and mead. Add a silver and gold candle for the God and Goddess to show respect for the New Year.     

Many will light the Samhain fires and the spiral dance will entertain young and old. Weaving bodies, while holding hands will pass close to one another as the whipping chain of pagans dance around the flames like a serpent. In the corners of the celebration gypsies will tell fortunes and the witches will speak with your dearly departed loved ones. 

The music is hypnotic, the serpentine dancers sway in lusty harmony with daggers. Pass silver across the gypsy's palm for a potion to encourage a new lover to your bed. You pass a druid who breathes fire and a faery who will charm you with good luck. Ask the witches for a spell of beauty and health for the New Year. 

Join in the circle as the Priestess and Priest summon the four corners and Guardians of the East, West, North and South. Feel the power surge through your body as everyone joins hands and conjures a protective shield around the circle. The beat of wild drums matches the beat of your heart as a few people dance in the center of the circle. The moon appears as the fire blazes toward the night sky and the Pagans have removed their cloaks to bathe skyclad in the moon's glow.

Enjoy your Halloween as the practicing witches, gypsies, fae and druids share their Samhaim celebrations across the globe. To find a pagan ceremony near you, visit your local metaphysical or Witch Shoppe for information. 

Cherie De Sues is an author of thrillers, contemporary suspense and pagan paranormal novels. She lives in San Diego, California with her Irish terrier, Reilly.
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  1. Hi Cherie,
    Thanks for coming, and for sharing all the information about Samhain. It surely is a magickal time of year!

  2. My pleasure Kate, Samhain is such a wonderful Sabbat. I'm pleased to share and thank everyone at Got Erotic Romance for this invitation.

  3. Being a Pagan this is my favorite time. :-)
    May you all enjoy, the new year of plenty, to come.

  4. I always think of this time of year as a time of reflection and shedding any clutter, both mental and physical. The darker half of the years seems to be a more creative time for me.
    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, very informative post! I wasn't aware of most of those details. Fascinating read!

  6. Merry meet! Yes, Samhain is an old and well-established Sabbat for those that follow the Wheel. I really enjoy this time of year too, when I become more artistic and creative in all things. So glad you were able to stop by...blessings.

  7. The entire season of autumn feels good to me, I feel energized and ready to take on challenges.

  8. Thank you for such a lovely blog. It truly made me remember the last time I danced the spiral dance... I really must find a celebration near me this year.

    Blessed Be!