Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ally Mills' Blog by Linda Palmer

Blog of Ally Mills, aged 18
I'm famous for my lists. I have one for just about everything, and I refer to them a lot. Today, I added something to one called Why is Halloween the Best Holiday Ever? It came in as item number one, easily beating out dressing up as a vampire, taking Kayley trick or treating early, handing out candy later, and watching Michael Jackson's "Thriller" sixteen times in a row. Since MJ has been first on my list for years, it had to take something big to bump him, right?
Of course.
So what did it? Eating leftover candy with Zach Thomas, my half-sister's Hispanic, very hot half-brother, that's what. Okay, I'll admit that sounds kind of redneck, kissing cousin-ish, especially since I'm in crazy in love with him, but if you think about it for a sec, you'll realize that we're not least by blood.
I met Zach back in the summer. He's twenty-one and in college. Our story's a little complicated and too long to write here, but you can read it in a book called Operation: Normal by Linda Palmer. Linda got all the facts right, even the part about me being psychic.
Yeah, I really and truly am. Inherited that gift from my dad, who's a... Oops! Almost told his secret. Me and my big mouth, er, pen. Telling what he does for a living could put him in real danger, and I couldn't bear for that to happen again. His aunt is also psychic, by the way. She's one cool lady, let me tell you, and actually makes a living telling people their fortunes and stuff. I love her to death. Mom, however, does not. But then, Mom's pretty down to earth, as opposed to me with my head in the clouds and my heart in Zach's pocket.
Speaking of Mom, she's on the road again. This time making a rockumentary about Adam Lambert. Lucky her. Have you seen his If I Had You video? Now that's a video. So Halloween-y that I'm adding it to my list, too.
Well, that's enough. I hear Kayley waking up, and I'm in charge, as usual. By the way, if you'll look at my list called Qualities of a Good Babysitter, you'll see that I have every trait on it.
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