Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween: We're Takin' It Back

Halloween: We’re Takin’ It Back
By Megan Hussey

      OK Ladies, once again this year we approach that timeless celebration known as Halloween; that time when you’re knee-dip in the sparkle and glitter that will transform your youngest tot into a fairy princess, and the enviable silken blonde hair extensions that will morph your teen into (depending on their gender or their sense of humor) Miley Cyrus, Bret Michaels or mayhap Betty White.

     Even if you’re a single gal, you’re likely rushing around to buy the candy and decorations that will spare you a good window soaping or prized gardenia bed trampling.
     Don’t you think it’s time we took back Halloween?  Enjoyed a girls’ night in centered around things that go bump in the night—and in a good way?!:)

     You could start by setting aside some (OK, most) of the trick or treat candy for yourself, putting your feet up, and maybe screening some hot vampire flicks; because, let’s face it Ladies, while weres can be hot and zombies….oh, give it up, there’s no way you can make a zombie sexy…..vampires are the ultimate otherworldly sex symbols.  And whether your tastes run toward the gentlemanly (Edward in Twilight) to the wild (PlaygirlTV offers several hot vamp scenes, featuring gorgeous, exotic actors like Jean Val Jean and Niko) to the ultimately sensual (Henry in Blood Ties), you can find a vamp show to suit your personal tastes.

     And then (shameless self-promotion coming!) there are always vampire romance books; and it just so happens I’ve written a few!   If you peruse my book “Vampire Nights” from Midnight Showcase Fiction, you’ll meet the sexy singer Sylvan in the story “Song of the Vamp” and Hayden, the hot, spoiled rich guy with a dark side in “Keeper of the Night.”  You’ll also get to know their strong, no nonsense heroines, Antonia and Silvana.
     And then there are my Nuit boys; oh, those Nuit boys.  Club Nuit is a male strip club/bordello just brimming with those pesky incubus vampires, Ramon, Xavier and Rainyn.  Read Ramon’s story in “Under Cover of the Night,” and Rainyn’s in “Angel on Fire;” both available from Phaze.

This Halloween, Ladies, let's take a bite out of the holiday and have our own fun; happy reading!   

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  1. I have read some sexy werewolf and other shifter stories, but my heart still belongs to a dark, sexy vampire hero. Great post.
    Starla Kaye