Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Halloween Scrooge and her Sweet Tooth

If there's such a thing as being a Halloween Scrooge, I'm it. I don't get into the whole costume thing (do I really look like Darth Vader, Cinderella or Hermione?), and I make my kids stop trick-or-treating when they hit age 12...because nothing is more annoying (and scary) than opening the door to a trick-or-treater who's taller than me, poking a ratty pillow case full of candy in my face and mumbling, "Trick or Treat" in a voice that's well past puberty.

If that makes me a Halloween Scrooge...I'll cop to it.

But, I do adore Halloween for one reason...the candy. We're not talking about the lame Dum Dum lollipops, popcorn balls or the little peppermint discs that the older-than-dirt Mrs. Mahonski across the street always gave us because she thought that was appropriate. And cheap. This would be the same Mrs. Mahonski who always got every window within reach of the neighborhood children soaped. But I digress.

I'm talking about those luscious little fun-size bars of ooey, gooey, chocolatey, caramel, nutty goodness. And my considerate mother, always concerned for my safety, would make sure she inspected every item in my jack o'lantern bucket after I went to bed, to make sure not a single razor blade or pin hid within it's scrumptious depths. Thoughtfully, I've continued that tradition with my own kids, even expanding it to the taste test level. If it's safe for me, then it's safe for the kidlets, right? So, without further ado, here is an (oh-so-partial) list of my favorite Halloween candy:

And one other wonderful candy? Caramel Corn...that waxy, grainy autumn's so tasty!

As an addendum, I found a great blog from the Bon Appetit Foodist - he makes a nice argument for retro candy like Mike & Ikes, Jolly Ranchers (who doesn't love a green apple Jolly Rancher?) and more. And if nothing else, check out the Foodist's blog and check out his picture. Yeah, I'm thinking you romance authors out there might use his mug for some writin' inspiration. Just saying.

While you're snacking on YOUR favorite treats, why don't you pick up a copy of one of my releases?

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Let me know what YOUR favorite Halloween candy is! I'll pick one random commenter and give away an Amazon gift card. And I hear they sell candy there now!


  1. We may be one of the last neighborhoods around here that gets totally flooded with trick or treaters. I swear they must be bussing them in. But then our house is pretty dang scary for Halloween! And super fun. But my favorite candy is....Hershey's Special Dark. I think. Those green apple Jolly Ranchers sounds good. And remember Lemonheads? Sigh...too many to think of!

  2. Hi Val...
    Looking at those pics of candy bars is making me crave chocolate:) I'm a nut for Butterfingers and Skittles:)

  3. Oh, little Reeses peanut butter cups! And basically, any Jolly Rancher makes my short list!

  4. Must have Twin Bings but I admit to strange addictions to candy corn too. My favorite place to T or T as a kid was the gas station in the nearby town. The old guy who ran it had enormous hands and he would fill them with individually wrapped bubble gum and drop it in our bags.