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Wanton & Wicked by Natalie Dae - Free Gift for YOU!

Wanton & Wicked
by Natalie Dae

Sara paced the living room, running a fingertip back and forth across the mantelshelf edge. Her knee-high, black suede boots fitted snugly, a surprise, since she’d expected them to pinch her toes. She was unused to wearing footwear like this, but tonight she was playing a role, one she’d hankered for since meeting Caleb. Something about him made her want to dominate, to push his buttons and see how far he was willing to go. The typical Alpha male, all muscles and brawn, tall, dark and handsome, Caleb was the quintessential stereotype of what she looked for in a man. That he’d also had his eye on her for weeks before they hooked up both pleased and shocked Sara. Usually, she had to make the first move, but Caleb had approached her, asking for a date.
She strolled now, fingertip numb from so much friction on the shelf, and glanced down at her outfit. Her gold-colored corset matched her hair, and black sheer stockings, held in place by elasticized strips, gave a snapping sound every time she tweaked them. God, she felt wanton and wicked, knowing Caleb awaited her down in the basement. And that was how she wanted to feel tonight.
Sara had instructed him to go downstairs, get butt naked, and lay on the bed. Far from being shocked she even had a bed down there, he’d opened the door casually and started down the steps. She waited at the top for his reaction to what else filled the room other than the bed—metal rings above the headboard, a gleaming silver rack… He stopped midway down the stairs, one hand braced on the wall, the other gripping the banister rail, and Sara expected him to glance back up at her, shock rippling his features. Instead, he’d continued walking, not missing a beat. As he’d approached the bed, Caleb lifted his T-shirt over his head and flung it to the floor.
A challenge to her if ever there was one.
He was up for the game, and despite Sara being sure he would be, a part of her sighed with relief. There had always been the chance Caleb would be appalled. After all, not everyone’s basement resembled a sex dungeon.
“Do you agree to do as you’re told?” she’d asked, adding a portion of ice to her tone.
With his back to her, Caleb paused in undressing. “Yes.”
“Are you sure?”
“Then take off the rest of your clothes, get on the bed, and wait for me.”
She smiled now at the memory. Caleb had been waiting for half an hour while she dressed herself up and brushed her hair, and a further half hour had passed as she’d paced.
That should be enough.
She took in a deep breath and strode across the living room, past the Christmas tree with its twinkling lights and presents beneath. She sashayed down the short hallway to the kitchen and paused at the basement door. Would he have stayed on the bed? Would he have resisted the urge to explore her private toy cupboard? Knowing him, he’d have inspected everything with one ear tuned to the door opening. He may have agreed to relinquish control tonight, but Sara couldn’t imagine him fully doing it. No, he was usually the dominant one, leading the way in bed, and she’d allowed him to do so. But now, since they’d been together for over six months, she thought it was about time he learned the other side of her.
Smiling, she opened the door and looked down. From here she could see all of him except his face. His chest rose and fell steadily, so if he’d been snooping, he’d done it a while back. It was clear he’d been resting, comfortable to wait, and that amazed her. She’d expected him to return upstairs after a while, bored and impatient, demanding in his quiet but strong way that she come join him.
Maybe tonight won’t be a battle of wills after all.
She thought she knew him already—evidently, she still had a lot to learn.
As does he.
Careful on the stairs, she stepped down, the thin heels of her boots tapping on the polished wood. She kept her gaze on Caleb, whose face came into view, and stopped at the bottom of the flight, one hand curved over the rounded newel post. His muscles tensed, although his features remained passive. He was good at that, disguising his emotions.
He has yet to tell me he loves me. He’s a wonderful man but so…distant sometimes.
The excitement of the next hour or so bunched her stomach, and Sara walked to the foot of the bed. She parted her legs and rested her hands on her hips. Staring at him, she took a moment to digest how she felt. Her heart raced, pulse loud in her ears, and her head lightened, as though nothing filled it except her plans for this evening.
Caleb eyed her from head to knees, then back up to her crotch. She wore no panties, and she’d shaved, leaving only a thin strip covering her slit. Sara imagined it damp and glistening now, her fiery libido wetting her folds, the thought of taking charge making her wetter than she’d been in a long time. What was it about being in control she loved so much?
I want him to admit that no matter how much he thinks he calls the shots, it’s really me. That he’ll do anything I ask because he loves me, trusts me. God, I sound so insecure…
Caleb lazily lifted his arms from his sides and settled his hands beneath his head. Sara held back a smile, knowing he’d made the move as his way of telling her he was just playing along, indulging her. That he lay there waiting for what she had in mind, that maybe she wasn’t playing the game fast enough. In your own time, Sara, there’s a good girl.
Infuriating bastard! But fuck, I love him.
Again she held off that smile. He’d learn. He’d be the one begging her by the time she was finished. And she’d make him beg, no doubt about that. She wouldn’t give him what he thought he was getting so easily, not without him pleading for release.
But will I really? He has the ability to make all my plans go wrong. Just a touch from him sets me off… I so want to own this night, but if he looks at me in a certain way, or runs his fingers up my thighs, I’ll be undone.
“Are you ready to begin?” she asked, knowing what kind of answer he was going to give. 

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