Friday, December 24, 2010

Siaak's Christmas by A.D. Steward

by A.D. Stewart

Siaak glanced up at the star-filled night sky. Wrapping his heavy cloak around his shoulders, he questioned his mentality at following humans across the desert. They normally got him into trouble with their insatiable thirst for knowledge. But the rumors spreading like wildfire about the Christ child spurred his curiosity, so who was he to argue? Besides, it might come in handy with his fight against the BloodSeekers.

Swaying in his saddle, Siaak kept the bright, flashing star to the north in his sights at all times. Each night, he spoke into the minds of the wandering kings, making sure to warn them against King Herod. Something told him the three magi were nothing like that vile ruler. Siaak’s hatred for the evil king had grown after Herod killed his own wife and sons. Other rumors spoke of Herod wanting to kill the King of the Jews. So perhaps he could be of help. And if he posed as another magus, he could protect the babe.
A fortnight later, Siaak found his suspicions were correct. Using his skills as a warrior, he spent every waking moment defending Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar from Herod’s men from all manner of dangers. And when they happened upon a band of soldiers sent to kill the babe, Siaak used his powers to create a sandstorm. Careful of detection, he made sure the storm killed the men. This way they could not report back to Herod.
Within a few measures, the travelers reached the walls of Bethlehem. Siaak sensed a power nearby and kept close to the magi. Pulling his sword free, he dismounted and walked beside the men.
“Stranger, will thou not speak this night?” King Melchior asked as he chewed a length of seasoned meat.
Siaak glanced up at the man dressed in the finest blue robes he’d ever seen. Silver threads spun a turban that covered the King’s head like a glowing crown in the moonlight. “It is my desire to set eyes upon the child, and nothing will keep me from achieving it.”
Melchior bowed his head in agreement before glancing skyward from the bright star down to a small stable. All the men noticed the strange glow that emanated from the structure not more than a furlong distant.
Siaak ushered the holy and wise kings onward while he stayed back to take in the sleeping village. He felt tonight was more important than these mortal men could comprehend. And when the camels came to a stop and the men dismounted and began removing small bundles, Siaak forgot his oath.
“What are you doing?”
King Gaspar turned slowly, his face hidden in the shadows. “They are but small gifts, to show our humble servitude…”
Siaak turned to take in the other men’s nods of agreement and watched in silence as each man strode across the sandy ground into the bright light that flooded the wooden stable.
, Siaak waved his hands and made his sword disappear. Tonight was different. He could feel warmth spreading across his limbs. And before he realized it, Siaak was stood within the small shelter, witnessing Melchior, King of Arabia hand over bags of gold. Gaspar, King of Tarsus, in robes of the deepest red, brought myrrh and, Balthazar, King of Ethiopia, displayed his gift of frankincense. Once the men were happy with the blessing of the babe, they stood back and swept open their arms, imploring Siaak to enter.
Siaak the SandWalker unwound his turban from across his head. The father and mother stood to the side of the manger. Both of them graced Siaak with their names before displaying the pleasant, proud smiles all new parents wear, urging him to look. Siaak bowed before the kings, and to Mary and Joseph. The moment his eyes took in the small bundle, he lost all thought and reached out his hand with one finger extended. The very second baby Jesus touched Siaak’s index finger, he felt the power from the small baby transfer up to him, and suddenly his mind was crowded with images of this child’s life. Tears formed the moment the baby locked eyes with him. Siaak felt a shockwave through his body. This beautiful child would lead a short life, but would gain many followers, even after his death. Siaak bowed his head, reached inside his white robes, pulled out a chalice and handed it to Mary. “This is my offering to your son. Watch over him—he is a precious gift who many will fight to the death over.”
Siaak bowed once more to the wise kings and left without a backward glance. Unable to stop the tears, he walked until he could walk no more. Would the humans never see that they need not fear the things they could not understand? He knew the answer, but for now, he would relish knowing he had touched something far greater. The understanding of the human’s God, their creator, their almighty Lord.
Siaak is a character from A.D. Stewart’s exciting novel of romance and adventure in Egypt – Black Pyramid soon to be available from kNight Romance Publishing
You can visit A.D. Stewart at She loves to hear from readers and discuss all manner of things Egyptian!


  1. This was a delightful read. I liked how you worked Siaak into the biblical story of Jesus and the Wise Men. Very clever. The descriptions of the clothing were wonderful, and I LOVE the ending. Powerful close.

    If anyone is interested in critiquing a fantasy epic with romantic elements, please stop by The novel is the first in a series, The Shadowsword Saga. It's a WIP, and very rough, but I'm sure you'll still enjoy it. Please feel free to be brutally honest.

    Great story, Anita!


  2. Thanks Raven! I love Siaak and it was fun placing him in the biblical setting. I think it turned out really well. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Merry Christmas dear heart!!!

  3. Siaak, one of my favorite characters, sigh. Thanks for this, it's an excellent Christmas Eve tale!

  4. My new favorite Christmas story! I was not expecting anything like this when I first read it! You did an awesome job! The three wise men have always been my favorite thing during Christmas time. This was a very touching and heart warming story! Love it!

  5. that was well done hon. you know me and know I am not a Christian but I always loved that story and you worked siaak in to the story amazingly. I loved it.

  6. @Ryu: Thank you for taking the time to read it. I know you'd have perfered Myaten, but hey, maybe next Christmas, eh? Merry Christmas!

    @Taz: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm not big on Christianity, but I thought it sounded pretty cool. And I like to add history to my stories to make them feasible. Thanks for coming. I hope you can take time to read some of the other stories. Merry Christmas!!!

  7. That was great. I have to say that was one great little story that I have read this year.Love it Ang!

  8. Thank you Beautiful Celtic Rose. Glad you enjoyed it. Hugs:)

  9. this was an enchanting story!I really enjoyed how you added Siaak to the famous biblical story about Jesus. ;-)