Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas by the Book

By Megan Hussey
    When I first got the idea for “Jingle Bell,” a light comedy romance suitable for the whole family (something I wrote, suitable for the whole family?  I know, right?), while a member of Writer’s Jubilee; a group that featured romance author Linda White-Francis, and two other great friends and talented authors, Linda and Jessica.  I thought it would be a great idea to write a round robin Christmas story in the group, and proceeded to post the first chapter of “Jingle Bell Romance;” the story of the hunky son of Santa Claus.  Samuel Claus takes over when Dad retires; delivering gifts and finding romance on Christmas Eve, even as he crashes down fireplaces and incurs the occasional ire of his reindeer.
     After posting the first chapter in our Internet group at Writers Jubilee, I waited for the other ladies to add their passages; the only problem was that their busy work schedules made it difficult for them to contribute.  So I added a second chapter, just for the heck of it.  Then a third.  Then a fourth.  Eventually I made a starting realization that shook me to the core (sheesh, don’t we writers get dramatic?!).
     “Oh, no,” thought I.  “I’ve written a book!  What in the blazes should I do now?!”
     I submitted “Jingle Bell Romance” to the PublishAmerica company, which to my great shock accepted it; as they did its sequel, “Mauve Christmas.”  This book told the story of the first female Santa Claus, showin’ the boys how it’s done and finding romance with a dashing Frenchman.
     After writing these sweet holiday stories I decided to spice things up, embarking on a fun, exciting career as an erotica author. Having always enjoyed the holidays I have incorporated Christmas into several erotic stories, including “Moonlight and Mistletoe” in the “A Little Holiday Romance” digest from Midnight Showcase Fiction (soon to be Melange Books); the story of a beautiful plus-sized woman who plays Santa Claus (or, as she deems herself, Sheila Claus) at a local department store, all the while romancing the department store stock boy, a muscular gent who moonlights as a male stripper!
     I also write a bit about the Yuletide holiday in “Wild Siren,” a novella that appears in the two-story collection “Wild Sirens” from Class Act Books.  In this story, the exotic merman Tristan discovers the magic of Christmas at the home of a good friend; a few years later he gets the ultimate gift in the form of a sizzling romance with Abigail, an environmental reporter.
     And this year, I’m pleased and proud to offer my fans a vampire Christmas book, “Noelle’s Nocturne,” set to be released Dec. 20 through Noble Romance.  This erotic novella is the story of a handsome Victorian vampire who also happens to be a gifted pianist; his music—and, for that matter, his stunning blond looks—serve to draw the attention of a spirited plus-sized seamstress named Noelle.  The two spice up their holidays with music, laughter, and plenty of hot romance. 
     I hope that my readers enjoy “Noelle’s Nocturne” and all of my Yuletide offerings; and I hope every lady out there finds a merman, vamp, stripper/stock boy, or even the son of Santa himself underneath the tree this year!

Megan Hussey 
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  1. All of these books looks so good! I love a book that my daughters can read when I'm done reading. And for myself, I LOVE the spicier side. You're an author we can all follow! whooohooo! I absolutely love your blog by the way!


  2. Your holiday stories sound awesome, Megan! I'm sure they'd put a reader into the holiday mood. Well done!

  3. Congratulations on your pending release with Noble! I think the story sounds unique and fun and I'm sure it will sell great! Let us know when it's released so we can review it for you!

  4. I think you've got to have a special talent to come up with holiday-themed books, I've tried and can never think of anything!
    All your work sounds wonderful, Megan, good luck with your upcoming release.