Thursday, December 16, 2010

Calliph's favorite holiday memory

by DC Juris

We shifters don't celebrate Christmas as you humans know it—instead, we celebrate Alms.  Alms has no religious connotation, it's simply a time of year when those who have share with those who don't. My most treasured memory of Alms is the first one I spent with my kitten, Mateo, and our son, Jonus. Mateo and I visited the local shops and vendors for gifts for Jonus and each other. I loved the simple pleasure of sharing such a mundane thing with Mateo. 

We gave Jonus a new bow and arrow, and his very first wooden practice sword. Mateo and I exchanged rings. I remember how my hands shook as I slid Mateo's on, how he held his hand up to the window to see the light glinting off the band, and how he cried happy tears.

We roasted and carved a bruta pig Jonus had managed to catch the day before—his first one!—and afterward, I watched as Mateo taught Jonus how to fight with his sword in the middle of our sitting room. We ended the day around a crackling fire in the hearth; Mateo lounging in my arms while we listened to Jonus read us a story he'd written.  I suppose it sounds very simple by usual standards, but being with my kitten and my son, finally, as a family, was the most incredible gift I could've received. 

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  1. I cna't imagine a more simply perfect holiday! Happy Alms to Calliph, Mateo, and well as DC of course!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kate! I'll be sure to tell Calliph you liked his memory. And Happy Alms to you and yours, too!! :-)