Saturday, October 30, 2010

When Jack met Sally by Clarissa Yip

When Jack met Sally…

It was love at first sight.

I admit, I’m not a Halloween person, but this is my favorite time of the year. It’s fall. And that means pretty orange, yellow and green leaves, drives to Vermont, warm apple cider donuts, and hayrides around haunted houses. One other thing I do is watch Nightmare Before Christmas while I’m passing out candy or chasing kids down the street. (ßNo, I really don’t do that. I’d be breathless after five steps.) But I love seeing the little kids, dressed up in their cute little outfits, going house to house, knocking on doors and saying, “Trick-or-Treat.”

Except this year in Hawaii, I’m missing out since I get to stare at palm trees and funny little golfers in pink plaid outfits. Oh, how I miss the Northeast.

Wanna know a secret? Do you remember the last time you went out, dressed up as a witch or pretty princess?

I was a witch for 15 years. Yup. My last trick-or-treating event was junior year in high school, but all kids were annoying around that age. You remember. Obnoxious, giggly and candy crazy. (Or was that just me?) But yes, I had my trusty witch hat until I graduated from high school, but those days were the best. Just hanging out with friends, Jack and Sally, and being carefree…and scared if a goblin or ghost will jump out at you. Now that door is closed, we move on to more fun things!

So tell me, what are your favorites this time of the year? Share your Halloween secrets! 



  1. The hubby and I like to watch the orginal Halloween on Halloween. Always scary!

    You know I've never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas.

  2. We usually take the kids around to family, which takes forever. (lol) Then we hit up a few random houses on the way home. Afterward, we watch scary movies and veg on the couch.

    And I'm with Jennifer, we haven't seen The Nightmare Before Christmas either. Maybe that will be our new tradition.