Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lisa Olmstead - from Alaska Wilderness to Party Girl!

I’m lounging on my deck overlooking the bay. It’s a beautiful, sunny Alaskan day on Prince of Wales Island. A high-pressure system has been sitting on top of us for over a week and the weather has been gorgeous. Bald eagles and ravens fly overhead on perpetual prowl for an easy meal. DeHavilland “Beaver” float planes are beginning the first of many back-and-forth trips. The rumble of their deep-throated Pratt and Whitney engines is unmistakable. Two humpback whales are feeding a few hundred yards off the point, visible even without my binoculars.

Lisa and husband in Barrow, Alaska
Mornings like this are best savored with pen and paper. I don’t dare open my laptop and break the spell. Whatever emails await an answer can hold for a few more minutes. Right now, I’m inspired and making plans.

Although living in rural Alaska presents certain challenges, ie: it takes a full day of travel by air and water to make it to Seattle; there is one yearly extravaganza that I never miss. - The Romantic Times Convention.

RT is my definition of fun. It’s the chance to leave hubby home with the pets, reconnect with friends and immerse myself in a week of workshops, costume balls and endless festivities. The saying, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” should be their official motto.

As I sit here and jot down some of the cool stuff we’re planning especially for Decadent Publishing authors who’ll be joining us in LA next April, I can’t stop grinning. Here’s a little preview…

Heather Bennett and Lisa at RT 2010
First off, bring some comfy clothes for DP’s author party. Our suite will be filled with food, wine, scrumptious desserts, great conversation and super-secret “thank you” gifts. If you can’t make it back to your hotel room…no worries. Sleeping bags will be provided and you can crash on the floor!

Friday afternoon, we’ll converge on Club RT for the Decadent Kindle raffle and Author meet-and-greet. We have two tables reserved and pounds of yummy chocolate to give away to conventioneers passing by. This is the perfect opportunity to see and be seen!

For our authors whose titles have been released as print books, we’re going to simplify their lives by providing ten copies of each for the Saturday Book Fair. Since writers are also readers and fans, Colleen (our Author Liaison and Review Coordinator) will be making the rounds, ensuring that everyone gets a little break to visit the table of their personal favorites. Dean Koontz is going to be there this year, so you’ll know where to find me.

Warm up your windpipes and get ready to cheer, because rumor has it that our own Robert Roman is going to participate in the Mr. Romance Cover Model contest. Who knows, he might even sing!
If any of this sounds appealing and you’ve got a fabulous story to share, send it to: and join the good times as a Decadent author.

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  1. Well, you've certainly convinced me! I'm headed to RT for sure. And I hear there will be cupcakes.

  2. Alaska, wow, what a beautiful country and trying to imagine how great it would be, to be there. I saw the movie "The Proposal" and wow, it was gorgous.

    Rita Hestand

  3. I just can't wait, it's gonna be such big fun!

  4. I'm all a-blather, ordering the pirate chocolate molds... I'll be there, with wings, cutlass, coat and feathers!

    Lisa, sounds like you live in the Alaska equivalent of Monterey. Save it doesn't take me a whole day to make it to Seattle, just some hours to get to the airport, then the flight...

    Wow, killer whales from the deck... I have to walk a bit to view our resident sealife!

    But Alaska is our favorite cruise destination!

  5. Maureen,

    POW Island is a large part of the Tongass National Forest...rainforest, that is:) We cherish every sunny day we get. It's a 3 hour ferry ride from Ketchikan or 40 "sporty" minutes via float plane. Alaska Air flies 4-5 times/day out of Ketchikan to Seattle and that's usually the journey I take.

    I used to live on Bainbridge Island across the Puget Sound from Seattle. Those were fun times:)

  6. I am so there. LOL!

    LaVerne Thompson aka Ursula Sinclair

  7. I have always heard that Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and with your description, I'm convinced! As for RT, since it's my first EVER convention, I feel like I'll need to be leashed to someone so I don't inadvertently miss anything! LOL

  8. RT sounds like its going to be a hoot. Party with new friends and listening to Dean Koontz --can't think of a better way to spend the time. Except maybe visit Alaska. What a beautiful description, Lisa.

  9. I'll definitely be there and looking forward to the fun. :)

  10. Can't wait for RT. I was debating whether to go or not (week before my anniversary), but too many things to miss out on. I will be there. Can't wait to meet everyone.

  11. Deena, I have velcro pants, you can hang out with me. LOL

    Can I tell everyone how much I LOVE working with my partner, Lisa? She rocks and is fun to hang out with. Not only do we run great business, we have FUN and giggles everyday via email and phone. And now I get to visit Alaska someday (hopefully soon) and see it through the eyes of a resident. WOO HOO! (of course, that WILL take place in the summer; everyone knows I don't DO snow anymore. lol)

    We are going to have so MUCH fun at RT. So many of our authors and staff will be there and it's gonna be a blast. For you RT virgins, put you big-girl pantaloons on, buy stock in Red Bull, and bring a large bottle of Advil. You'll need it, but it will be WORTH IT!!

    Decadent Publishing will ROCK L.A. No, really. Just wait and see....

    Heather Bennett
    Decadent Publishing

  12. Cute pic from last year's convention. Looks like you're ready to party again and gearing up for this year.

    Alaska sounds beautiful! We don't hear too often about all the lovely wilderness Alaska has to offer.

    Enjoy it, Keta

  13. Cannot wait :) We're at officially less than six months of countdown time left :)

  14. Wow, it's wonderful to see a picture of my editors and put their names to faces. What beautiful ladies! We live up in the Matsu Valley of Alaska, but I've always had a longing to live on the Kenai Penninsula. We're talking about visiting Seward again soon because part of my next book is set there. It's my favorite place in Alaska.